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The Craft (Witchcraft - NOT to be confused with Satanism. A true Witch has nothing to do with this, even though there are some Satanists who (unright- fully) call themselves "Witch".) contains a large number of groups with bonds to each other, for the most part, which are looser than those you will find between Christian churches. Each has it's own traditions, it's own beliefs, it's own pantheon, etc. So just WHAT is it that, overall, a Witch believes in? The American Council of Witches was formed to determine what it was that all Witches have in common, belief-wise. In the early 1970's, a paper was released with their findings, and gives a good overall picture of it. The following is the text of that paper.

1. The first principle is that of love, and it is expressed in the ethic, "DO AS YOU WILL, SO LONG AS YOU HARM NONE"

a) love is not emotional in it's essence, but is an attribute of the individual as expressed in relation to other beings;

b) harming others can be by thought, word, or deed;

c) it is to be understood the "none" includes oneself;

d) the harm which is to be regarded as unethical is gratuitous harm; war, in general, is gratuitous harm, although it is ethical to defend oneself and one's liberty when threatened by real and present danger, such as defense against invasion.

2. The Witch must recognize and harmonize with the forces of the universe, in accord with the Law of Polarity: everything is dual; everything has two poles; everything has it's opposite; for every action there is a reaction; all can be categorized as either active or reactive in relation to other things.

a) Godhead is one unique and transcendent wholeness, beyond any limitations or expressions; thus, it is beyond our human capacity to understand and identify with this principle of Cosmic Oneness, except as It is revealed to us in terms of It's attributes and operation.

b) The most basic and meaningful attribute of the One that we, as humans, can relate to and understand, is that of polarity, of action and reaction; therefore Witches recognize the Oneness of the Divinity, but worship and relate to the Divine as the archetypal polarity of God and Goddess, the All-Father and the Great Mother of the universe. The Beings are as near as we can approach to the One within our human limitations of understanding and expression, though is possible to experience the divine Oneness through the practices of the Mysteries.

c) Harmony does not consist of the pretty and the nice, but the balanced, dynamic, poised co-operation and co-relation.

3. The Witch must recognize, and operate within the framework of the Law of Cause and Effect; every action has it's reaction, and every effect has it's cause. All things occur according to this law; nothing in the universe can occur outside this law, though we may not always appreciate the relation between a given effect and it's cause. Subsidiary to this is the Law of Three, which states that whatever goes forth must return threefold, whether of good or ill; for our actions affect more than people generally realize, and the resulting reactions are also part of the harvest.

4. As Above, So Below. That which exists in the Macrocosm exists, on a smaller scale and to a lesser degree, in the Microcosm. The powers of the universe exist also in the human, though in general instance they lie dormant. The powers and abilities can be awakened and used if the proper techniques are practiced, and this is why initiates of the Mysteries are sworn to guard the secrets from the unworthy: Much harm can be done by those who have power without responsibility, both to others and to themselves according to the Laws of Cause and Effect and of Threefold Return.

a) Since our philosophy teaches that the universe is the physical manifestation of the Divine, there can be nothing in the universe which does not partake of the nature of the Divine; hence, the powers and attributes of the Divine exist also in the manifest, though to much smaller degree.

b) These powers can be awakened through the various techniques of the Mysteries, and, although they are only capable of small effects in and of themselves, it is possible to use them in order to draw upon the forces of the universe. Thus humanity can be the wielders of the power of the Gods, a channel for Godhead to act within It's own manifestation. This, then, is further reason for the oath of secrecy.

c) Since the universe is the body of the One, possessing the same attributes as the One, it's Laws must be the principles through and by which the One operates. By reasoning from the known to the unknown, one can learn of the Divine, and thus of oneself.

Thus the Craft is a natural religion, seeing in Nature the expression and revelation of Divinity.

5. We know that everything in the universe is in movement or vibration and is a function of that vibration. Everything vibrates; all things rise and fall in a tidal system that reflects the motion inherent in the universe and also in the atom. Matter and energy are but two poles of one continuous phenomenon.

Therefore the Witch celebrates, harmonizes with, and makes use of the tides of the universe and of life as expressed through the cycle of the seasons and the motion of the solar system. These ritual observances are the eight great Festivals of the Year, referred to as the Wheel of the Year.

Further, the Witch works with the forces and tides of the Moon, for this body is the mediator of much energy to our planet Earth and thus to ourselves.

6. Nothing is dead matter in the universe. All things exist, therefore all things live, though perhaps in a different manner from that which we are used to calling life. In view of this, the Witch knows that there is no true death, only change from one condition to another. The universe is the body of Godhead, and therefore possesses one transcendent consciousness; all things partake of the consciousness, in varying levels of trance/ awareness.

a) Because of this principle, all things are sacred to the Witch, for all partake of the one Life.

b) Therefore the Witch is a natural ecologist, for Nature is part of us as we are a part of Nature.

7. Astrology can be useful in marking and interpreting the flow and ebb of the tides of our solar system, and thus of making use of those tides; astrology should not be debased into mere fortune-telling.

8. Throughout the development of the human race, civilizations have seen and worshipped many and various attributes of the Divine. These universal forces have been clothed in forms which were expressive to the worshipper of the attribute of the Godhead which they expressed. Use of these symbolic representations of the natural and divine forces of the universe, or god forms, is a potent method for contacting and utilizing the forces they represent. Thus the Gods are both natural and truly divine, and man-made in that the forms with which they are clothed are products of humanity's striving to know the Godhead.

a) In keeping with the Law of Polarity, these god-forms are brought into harmony by the one great Law which states:
All Gods are one God. All Goddesses are one Goddess. There is one Initiator. This law is an expression of our understanding that all of the forces of the universe, by whatever ethnic god-form is chosen to clothe and relate to whichever force, can be resolved into the fundamental polarity of the Godhead, the Great Mother and the All-Father.

b) It is the use of differing god forms, of differing ethnic sources or periods, which is the basis of many of the differences between the various Traditions of the Craft. Each Tradition uses the forms, and thus the names, which to that Tradition best express and awaken an understanding of the force represented, according to the areas of emphasis of the Tradition.

c) Because we know that differing names or representations are but expressions of the same divine principles and forces, we require our members to swear that they will never mock the names by which another honors the Divine, even though those names be different from and seemingly less expressive than the names and godforms used by our Tradition(for to the members of another Tradition, using it's names, ours may easily seem equally less expressive).

9. A Witch refuses to allow her/himself to be corrupted by the great guilt neuroses which have been foisted on humanity in the name of the Divine, thus freeing the self of the slavery of the mind. The Witch expresses responsibility for her/his actions, and accepts the consequences of them; guilt is rejected as inhibiting to one's self-actualization, and replaced by the efforts of the Witch to obey the teachings of harmlessness, responsibility for the consequences of one's actions, and the goal of actualizing the full powers of the individual.

a) We refuse to believe that a human being is born innately sinful, and recognize the concepts of sin and guilt are tremendously inhibiting to the human potential; the consequences of the Law of Cause and Effect, called karma by some, are not punishment ,but the recurrences of situations and their effects because the individual has not gained the Wisdom needed to handle or avoid such situations.

b) There is no heaven except that which we ourselves make of our life on Earth, and likewise there is no hell except the effects of our unwise actions. Death is not followed by punishment or reward, but by life and the continuing evolution of the human potential.

c) One cannot damn the divine in oneself; one can, however, cut oneself off from it through the rejection of wisdom and a refusal to strive for self- realization. This cutting off does not lead to personal suffering in "hell", for there is no Self to suffer if the tie to one's own divinity has been severed; what remains is merely an empty shell, a "personality" or thought-form devoid of it's ensouling Spark of the Divine Fire.

10. We know of the existence of the life-force which ensouls all living things, that is, all that exists. We know that a spark of this Divine Fire is within each and every thing that exists, and that it does not die; only the form of its existence changes. We know that this spark of the life-force returns to manifestation again and again in order to fully realize and actualize it's potential, evolving finally to the peak and essence of existence which is pure being. In this process of reincarnation each form returns in the same type of form, though it's ever-increasing actualization may lead to higher levels of existence of that form. Man returns as man, cat as feline, mineral as mineral, each class of form evolving as the individual forms of that class evolve.

11. This process of evolution through successive incarnations in manifest form works through the utilization of wisdom gained, the essence of the life- experience. This essence of experience, or Wisdom, is an attribute of the spark of life itself, one and inseparable (see 9a).

12. We must care for the body, for it is the vehicle of the spark of life, the form by which we attain. Thus we must heal the body of its ills and keep it a tuned and perfected tool; so must we heal others (both physically and psychologically) as far as it is within our power to do so. However, we cannot interfere with the life of another, even to heal, except at their request or with their express permission; unless such non-interference would be inhibiting to our own, ethical existence and development -- and even then the responsibilities and consequences must be understood and accepted.

13. Harmony with, and utilization of, the great natural forces of the universe is called magick. By magick we speak, not of the supernatural, but of the superbly natural, but whose laws and applications are not as yet recognized by the scientific establishment. The Witch must strive to recognize these forces, learn their laws, attune her/himself to them, and make use of them. The Witch must also be aware that power corrupts when used _only_ for the gains of the self, and therefore must strive to serve humanity: Either through the service in the Priesthood, or by example and effects of his/her life on others. The choice must be made in accord with the true nature of the Witch.

This article is excerpted from the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Seriously, anyone who is dead for three days and comes back to life is a zombie in my book. Back in the day when I was young and growing up I was scared of Jesus. Now its all perfectly clear to me, you know, WHY christians are told from the time they are born to give thier souls to Jesus....Cuz he wants to eat their brains!

For the longest time when I was a small kid and it was around Easter time I had a hard time opening a door to any dark room in the house because I was scared that dead jesus was going to be behind the door and grab me and take me to some unseen place and I never be heard from again.  See my grandfather was a southern baptist minister and when he gave a pulpit pounding sermon you about pissed your pants in fear of jesus and god. To a 5 or 6 year old kid thats just scary man, lol.

As I became a young adult it was starting to become more evident that there was something different about Jesus and his followers like when everyone was hypnotized or in a trance during communion. I know, I know, I was suposed to have my head bowed and my eyes shut but I just had to peak and it was like the congregation's minds had been taken over by some unforeseen diabolical force demanding them to (wait for it...)..."Eat the bread which is my bones and drink the wine which is my blood" EEEEEKKK! Blood and bones! EEEK! Now I knew there was something seriously wrong. As I am looking around the room I am thinking, no,  screaming in my head..." NOOOOO, Don't Do It" but it was too late they had symbolically become Zombie Jesuses too. Needless to say, I didn't return to church for quite awhile, lol.

So to everyone out there have a Happy Zombie Jesus Day and be careful opening any door to a dark room and be careful going passed any caves today....(shudders)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ode To Our Mother - Earth Day Poetry

I Am Of The Earth
By Anna Lee Walters I am of the earth
She is my mother
She bore me with pride
She reared me with love
She cradled me each evening
She pushed the wind to make it sing
She built me a house of harmonious colors
She fed me the fruits of her fields
She rewarded me with memories of her smiles
She punished me with the passing of time
And at last when I long to leave
She will embrace me for eternity.

Spiritual Connection with the Earth
By Chief Seattle

How can one buy or sell the air, the warmth of the land? That is difficult for us to imagine.We do not own the sweet air or the sparkle on the water.How then can you buy them from us? Human kind has not woven the web of life, We are but the thread of it.Whatever we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.All things are bound together, all things connect.Whatever befalls the Earth befalls also the children of the Earth


round rolls the water
round rolls the air
round rolls the earth
round the sun's
rounded flare

round roll the seasons
we see with round eye
round roll the reasons
that flowers must die

circles of wisdom
turned by the years
circles of passion
turned by the tears

dance to her rhythm
sing to her rhyme
all that we're given
is taken in time

Come Back To Earth
By Dee
I am a lover of many many fruits
Vegetables, grains even roots
From carrots to grapes
Bananas and dates
And organic botanic fig shoots

Earth Day comes but one time a year
But our carbon footprints don't disappear
Let's take back the earth
Call it a rebirth
We're standing boldly on the edge of the frontier

Mother Earth

Gazing up toward the light,
spinning slowly 'round.
Hear her soft sweet lullaby,
and sink toward the ground.

Feel her peaceful greenness,
breathe in her clear blue sky.
Evermore forgiving;
be thankful she's alive.

Give back to her so kindly,
her face we've known since birth.
Cherish her not blindly,
...for she's our only Mother Earth.
C. Lynn Thomas

Our Mother Earth
Joshua Isham
This mother Earth,
Who gives us life;
This mother Earth,
Heart filled with strife,

We love her not,
Though love we should;
Her death we plot,
For life's "own good";

She gave us air, and food, and home,
That's not enough we humans scream;
With greedy lust our mouths do foam,
With evil hopes our eyes do gleam;

Her air we fill,
With smoke and death;
Ourselves we kill,
For lack of breath;

The sea once clean,
Now choked with waste;
To drink we fear,
Will death make haste;

The soil once pure,
And full of life;
Now barren sand,
Of farmer's strife;

No longer she,
Can stand our "love";
Now we must flee,
Like scattered dove;

She gave us all,
Unto the end;
Now we appalled,
Our lives defend


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheap Ass DIY Compost Bin - Priceless!

Since I love my Mother Earth and all that she provides I have decided to make a new compost bin to honor her and give back to her in a way that doesn‘t include pesticides for a rich and healthy garden. She takes care of us, we need to take care of her. Since I am the queen of cheap and/or free this compost bin is just what I have been looking for and the directions are simple too. Yayyy! I thought because I am all stoked about it you all might like it too, but then again, I am a SLOWLY(lol) aging hippie and a smooth BM and the smoke of my sis-in-laws Scooby Snack in the morning sunlight gets me stoked too! LOL

ANYWAY…before we begin….


The soil that you get from the compost is great for your lawn, excellent for your garden and beneficial to your flower beds.

It is basically free to make which beats paying the price the stores want for it.

You can put food and yard waste into the compost bin instead of sending it to the landfill.

Compost soil is a natural fertilizer and is safe for the environment and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

If you have kids it’s a great way to get them involved with Earth conservation right at home. Trust me, it can become some pretty gross fun for them, lol.


Fruits and veggies

Grass clippings

Shredded newspapers

Egg shells and nut shells


Coffee grounds and filters

Ashes from the fireplace or fire pit


Yard clippings that have been chemically treated

Pet waste

Diseased plants (like leaves from veggie plants that have fungus on them because the disease can spread through the compost)

Meat or fish bones

Cheap Ass DIY Compost Bin - Priceless!

Costs about $20.00 to make. Yah I know!


Large trash can with a lid that locks

A Platform of some sort. A good choice for this is a wooden houseplant stand with wheels

Screws to attach the platform to the trash can

A drill with a large drill bit


1) Take the drill and drill holes along the sides and around the trash can. Also drill holes through the trash can lid and the bottom of the can. About 20 - 25 holes all over is good.

2) Using your drill again, attach the platform to the bottom of the trash can. Try not to cover up the holes on the bottom of the can that you just made but if you have to that’s ok just drill a few more holes after you have attached the platform.

 *The platform helps with drainage and keeps the grass from turning yellow underneath because you can move the can from spot to spot.

3) Collect some or all of the items on the approved list and start composting!

4) Every couple of days or so go out and put the can on it’s side and roll it around for a few minutes.

5) Keep adding items to the can as you use them

6) When you see it become a *dark rich soil-type texture it is then ready for use. Basically when you can’t tell what anything resembles anymore, lol.

*This may take a while to achieve as Mom Nature has her own relaxed way of doing things, but that’s ok because everything she produces is always worth the wait!


Keep the can away from open windows and door in the summer. It can get kinda stinky…PU, lol

Always keep the lid on the can because its heat that generates the decomposition process and really keeps the smell down too!

Using a trash can with a tight fitting/locking lid will help keep animals from trying to get into it.

If you want…Add Worms! Worms help with decomposition and make great compost. Red worms are the best its said but any will do. Mother Nature supplies those for free too, just go outside after a rainstorm and collect the off of the sidewalks and driveways ..a handful to start should be plenty.

If you are going to use worms make sure to give them plenty of really wet newspaper to live in and break down they love that.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011



With Earth Day just around the corner, April 22 to be exact, there are so many ways in which we would like to contribute on a grand scale but so many reasons we may not be able to whether it be time, money, distance, etc. I have found some really easy ways to save Mum Earth by just doing a few things around the house. If everybody everywhere could do just a few of the things on this list routinely can you imagine the enormously positive effect they would have on our Earthly home? I am an old school hippie and personally think Earth Day should be celebrated as Earth Awareness Month, if not year, lol.

So with that being said have a great Earth Day and enjoy the ideas. Love, Peace and Chicken Grease! Far Out Man!

Simple Ways To Save Energy

As the days get hotter, close curtains to block out the sun and stop it from heating up your home.
Replace ordinary light bulbs with energy saving bulbs that use a quarter of the electricity to produce the same amount of light.
Pull the plug - Your mobile only takes a couple of hours to charge, so don't leave it plugged in overnight.
Give your computer a good night's rest too, and you'll save money and CO2.
The screensaver on your computer uses the same amount of power as when it's on and being used. Switch your PC off if you're going to be away for a while.
Turn your heating down before bedtime saves energy, and once you're tucked in you'll never notice the difference.
Drive off as soon as you start your car's engine. Modern engines don't need much time to warm up, so idling creates unnecessary pollution and mechanical wear.

Simple Ways to Save Water

Every flush counts - An estimated 30% of household water usage is flushed down the toilet. If your toilet is more than 30 years old, upgrading to a low-consumption toilet can save you up to 4 gallons per flush.
Use barrels to capture rain from your eaves trough and save it for the next time you have to water your garden or lawn.
Keep a cover on your swimming pool when it's not in use. This will decrease water loss due to evaporation by 90%.
You'll use a lot less water if you only run your laundry or dishwasher with a full load. Running two half loads uses twice as much water.
Use water you've boiled your veggies in to make stocks, soups or, pour it on your garden when it's cooled.
If you're running the bath or shower waiting for the water to heat up, put a large bucket under to catch the water. Use this water for plants, pets, cleaning etc.
Get into the habit of turning the tap off when washing your face, brushing your teeth or shaving, and only have it on when necessary. Water running when it's not in direct use is needlessly soaking up your money.
See for yourself - Conduct a household water audit to help identify areas that you can cut water usage.
Half the time we're in the shower is spent avoiding the water while we soap up - so switch off while you lather for big water and energy savings.
Cool it - Keep some water in the fridge for an instant refreshing ice cold glass of water. No need to run the tap.
The silent seeper - A leaky toilet may go unnoticed, as will the extra cash absorbed by your water bill. To check for leaks, add enough food coloring to your toilet tank to really brighten the water. After 30 minutes look to see if any of the dye has leaked into the bowl.

Simple Ways To Reduce Waste

                                                          (Minnie Hippies Rock!)

Think before you print - Do you really need a hard copy? Use both sides of the paper if you do and add a 'think before you print' footer to your emails

Donate your old furniture to a local furniture recycler. They’ll turn your unwanted pieces into something covetable, saving it from the landfill.

If you're planning to do some spring cleaning, hold a yard sale or donate old items to a second hand shop. You'll be surprised how valuable your junk is to someone else.

Mow your lawn when it's dry, and leave the clippings lying on the grass to break down and feed the lawn underneath.

If you have a water cooler at work, use a glass to fill up instead of using paper or plastic cups from the dispenser.

Go vintage! - Check out some local used clothing stores to find vintage fashions. it's a great way to recycle, cuts out carbon emissions made by making new clothes and it's unique!

Crafty wrapping - Use up scraps of material from curtains, dressmaking or unwanted clothes to make beautiful personalized gift bags. Your gifts will look unique and you'll save bags of cash

Ice wine - Rather than throwing away leftover wine, pour it into an ice cube tray and store in the freezer until the next time you need to cook with wine. That way you won't waste a drop!

Instead of buying little plastic packets of herbs, grow your own - if you don't have a garden, even a pot or window box will do.

Bulk up - Buying non-perishable items in bulk is a great way of cutting down on unnecessary packaging.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spellrific - step by step how to’s

My Hubby is going on a long motorcycle journey in about a month from now and wants a tattoo to 1) commemorate the trip and 2) for protection on his journey.  He wanted to know if we could do a little tattoo magic for this particular tattoo and I said " well shit yeah, baby!"  When he came to me with this idea I was blown away. He has never asked for any magical workings of this kind from me before so this was soooo freakin' awesome. It was at the last moment before we went to get the tattoo and I forgot my camera to show the process but who cares... this was great. His close buddy at work has tattoo parties at his house so he set up a time to get his tattoo which was this last Saturday night.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a gremlin bell for his motorcycle, It's a cool looking gargoyle. Its believed that the constant sound of the gremlin bell mesmerizes evil road spirits and chases them away while on the road. He liked the gargoyle so much that he found a gargoyle tattoo that he just had to have. He found out that gargoyles are guardians and protectors of property and people they are akin to. So this seemed very fitting for the trip and for him in general because he is always on the road for his job too.

Blessing Of The Skin:

Before we left, we washed the area with Full Moon Water where he was getting his tattoo and repeated a simple chant a few times:

"Bless this skin and make it pure,
 the art it wears shall long endure."

When we were at the tatt party and right before his turn, when everyone went out for a cigarette I hung back and did an ink blessing.

Blessing Of The Ink:

"Lord and Lady, Sun and Moon
 Be present here I ask this boon.
 Bless this ink and make it pure,
 The power within shall long endure."

Right after he got the tattoo and as soon as we got in the truck, I charged the tattoo for him. I  asked him to feel and intend that the words were true, basically feel the meaning of the words since he is not that hip to my witchy ways. Before I charged it I smuged the truck with a cigarrette( hey don't laugh, its tobacco right? I forgot my smudge wand and I am the queen of improvizing,lol) and created sacred space then repeated the charge three times.

Tattoo Empowerment Charge:

" We charge this symbol on J's skin
  Manifest, guard and protect within.
  A cone of safety on the out,
  A power of which there is no doubt.
  Intricate lines that are created,
  Blood and Ink have now been mated.
  So mote it be!"

When we finished he just sat there looking at me and I thought he was going to ask for a divorce cuz he thought I was nutty than a squirrel turd in a peanut factory, but, he simply said " that was really nice, thanks" in a happy tone. He said that he also feels ready for the trip now.

Ever since Saturday night there has been something a little different between us, in a good way. It almost feels like there is a new relaxed comfort with each other, does that make any sense? Perhaps a little more understanding of my beliefs on his part and a little more relief and his acceptance of my ways on my part. Whatever it is it feels Wyckked!

This is a tattoo he got a couple of years ago. He said as soon as he saw it it reminded him of me, ok, I guess, lol. So I talked him into adding a pentacle at the top of her wings... now its more like me,lol. She's in real need of a touch-up! Hey too, lol!