Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spellrific - step by step how to’s

My Hubby is going on a long motorcycle journey in about a month from now and wants a tattoo to 1) commemorate the trip and 2) for protection on his journey.  He wanted to know if we could do a little tattoo magic for this particular tattoo and I said " well shit yeah, baby!"  When he came to me with this idea I was blown away. He has never asked for any magical workings of this kind from me before so this was soooo freakin' awesome. It was at the last moment before we went to get the tattoo and I forgot my camera to show the process but who cares... this was great. His close buddy at work has tattoo parties at his house so he set up a time to get his tattoo which was this last Saturday night.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a gremlin bell for his motorcycle, It's a cool looking gargoyle. Its believed that the constant sound of the gremlin bell mesmerizes evil road spirits and chases them away while on the road. He liked the gargoyle so much that he found a gargoyle tattoo that he just had to have. He found out that gargoyles are guardians and protectors of property and people they are akin to. So this seemed very fitting for the trip and for him in general because he is always on the road for his job too.

Blessing Of The Skin:

Before we left, we washed the area with Full Moon Water where he was getting his tattoo and repeated a simple chant a few times:

"Bless this skin and make it pure,
 the art it wears shall long endure."

When we were at the tatt party and right before his turn, when everyone went out for a cigarette I hung back and did an ink blessing.

Blessing Of The Ink:

"Lord and Lady, Sun and Moon
 Be present here I ask this boon.
 Bless this ink and make it pure,
 The power within shall long endure."

Right after he got the tattoo and as soon as we got in the truck, I charged the tattoo for him. I  asked him to feel and intend that the words were true, basically feel the meaning of the words since he is not that hip to my witchy ways. Before I charged it I smuged the truck with a cigarrette( hey don't laugh, its tobacco right? I forgot my smudge wand and I am the queen of improvizing,lol) and created sacred space then repeated the charge three times.

Tattoo Empowerment Charge:

" We charge this symbol on J's skin
  Manifest, guard and protect within.
  A cone of safety on the out,
  A power of which there is no doubt.
  Intricate lines that are created,
  Blood and Ink have now been mated.
  So mote it be!"

When we finished he just sat there looking at me and I thought he was going to ask for a divorce cuz he thought I was nutty than a squirrel turd in a peanut factory, but, he simply said " that was really nice, thanks" in a happy tone. He said that he also feels ready for the trip now.

Ever since Saturday night there has been something a little different between us, in a good way. It almost feels like there is a new relaxed comfort with each other, does that make any sense? Perhaps a little more understanding of my beliefs on his part and a little more relief and his acceptance of my ways on my part. Whatever it is it feels Wyckked!

This is a tattoo he got a couple of years ago. He said as soon as he saw it it reminded him of me, ok, I guess, lol. So I talked him into adding a pentacle at the top of her wings... now its more like me,lol. She's in real need of a touch-up! Hey wait...me too, lol!

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