Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wyckkedly Sexy - sexiest men ever

I love the CW series Supernatural. Been a fan from the start and they have some of the sexiest men on that show. Especially Sam, Dean and Castiel they are so hot they are out of this world!

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles play brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, that hunt everything and anything supernatural thats evil to make the world a better place. Well sexy babies you already made my world a better place with those super-hot bodies.

                         WOW! Take it off boys WOOHOO!!

Do you want whats behind towel-door number one or towel-door number two? All I know is I would like to exercize, I mean exorcize whats under those towels,lol.

        Who needs Shirts? Shirts are way too over-rated!

Misha Collins plays Castiel, a very hot and heavenly angel on the show and I have to give him his due cuz he's so freakin' fine. So without further adou...(insert sexy stripper music here)...

Now that's one angel I would love to turn wyckked,heehee.

As I stare at this picture I keep hearing NIN-Closer playing in my head(I wanna F#%$ you like an animal..)

Gimme some time alone with him and I'll burn that halo he wears right off his head, Amen, Bahahaaa, wow where's my husband? Ohhh Honnneeeyyyyy.........

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Magic Carpet is Out of the Shop and Boy Can This Baby Fly!

Man, my magic carpet has now been turbo charged and flying me on a whirling, twirling ride of new endeavors, crafting and yet more spiritual path/soul searching enlightenment interests. During my wyckkedly unexpected hiatus it seems as though I have been moving non-stop on a day to day basis. It’s about freakin’ time too. I absolutely detest getting stuck in a I-Am-So-Fucking-Bored rut, so this is definitely welcomed change.

On the most recent stop which my magic carpet - Hodji - I will call him( after a character on a favorite cartoon I liked as a kid - Johnny Quest - now you all know I am ancient, lol) took me was to a women’s expo at a near by city to see my good friend Inis who was set up there doing her spiritual readings for the ladies. I have never been to a women’s expo before and it was a big event, a lot bigger than I expected and a lot more fun than I expected. I amazingly found myself asking people who were representing various organizations what they were about and how to get involved! Now this is so out of character for me because I was brought up in a family where the kids were always told that “children were meant to be seen and not heard” so I quickly became a shy wallflower who didn’t speak unless spoken to and that carried over into my young adult life socially until I became a Momma Bear and most of that way of thinking changed, mostly, I usually am still pretty shy in social settings but for whatever reason at the Expo I wasn’t and My Good Goddess did that feel empowering! I must say I am quite impressed with me, lol, go Girl Powah!

Anyway, I have to give Inis her due here, for if it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t even have gone in the first place. I have to say I am sooo proud of her. Seeing her perform her spiritual readings I can see that she is really in her element. This is her home or calling, so to speak. I wanted to take a pictures of her doing her thing but wasn’t sure if I should. That girl’s upper chakra’s were working overtime for sure cuz she was non-stop busy with clients! All I can say is Rock On Inis, Rock On.
Hodji also flew me to the wyckked Land of Crafting, a beautiful place of enchantment that I can so easily get lost in and usually do when I visit, lol. Crafting for me is like opening a big yummy bag of Creativity Chips, nobody can make just one, lol at least I can’t I just keep crafting and crafting and…. Right now my house is one big craft room it seems. Inis fell instantly in love with some of it and took a bunch off my hands for her business, thanks chickie! But that hasn’t stopped the craft monster in me it has only fueled the fire I think, lol. Here is a few pictures of some of my goodies:

My trusty turbo-charged Hodji has also been carrying me along the steep and far reaching Spiritual Highway of Enlightenment and down the long and winding Soul Searching Rd.

The Highway of Spiritual Enlightenment for me has many branches off of it and has been diversely and culturally fickle along my journey, flitting like a spiritually hungry butterfly from one belief system to another and I have resigned to the glorious fact that it always will be that way for me and thank the Gods and Goddesses for that because I have found and continue to find so much respect and beneficial information from these diverse belief systems that I find myself continuing to incorporate them into my daily pagan practices which have and are definitely molding my life into a constantly rewarding and increasingly better experience as I go along.

Traveling down Soul Searching Road is a little different for me, more like driving down a dirt road, lol, because it takes a lot longer to move down this road and I find that metaphoric Hodji’s metaphoric wheels tend to spin in place in certain areas making me just want to turn back around and forget about the trip altogether. But that is the worst thing I know that I could possibly do so I just have to push myself off Hodji and throw some good quality kitty litter made by the PERSEVERANCE Co. under the tires and spin out of the ruts that have been created and continue on. Will I reach my destination while traveling Soul Searching Road? Who knows? But I do know that every time I go down this particular road it’s gonna get better and better cuz I’m gonna pave that sucker with healing and sail smoothly down it non-stop, some day, soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wyckked Thoughts - random - very random

         Bringing out my Inner Hippie…for a minute

I have totally been into celestial happenings, stars, constellations, meteor showers, etc. as of late. I was outside the other night and noticed the heavens were full of stars and as I watched them in awe I saw a falling star and a random thought came into my mind, followed by another one and another one and….

What if each and every one of our souls are housed in our very own single star for all eternity? It could be possible I guess being that the stars are innumerable and the Universe limitless. What if when we leave our physical bodies on this planet .. a star falls? What if, what we equate as a star falling to that of a dying star or burnt out star is actually just repositioning itself in the Universe for that soul which has died to be brightly reborn anew in another location of the Universe for a new and continuing purpose and experience? What if we each have an invisible soul line connecting us from our single star-soul-home directly to our Soul Star Chakra where, when allowed to access it, we become greatly open to enlightenment and spiritual ascension and even to the Universal secrets and mysteries? Wouldn’t that be cool?

What if, when I pick up Charlie Sheen on our way to the funny farm we stop and get Lindsay Lohan so she can do a little “shopping” before she has to go to court…again? LOL.

WOW! The shit that comes out of my head amazes even me sometimes, lol. Now that’s some pretty random thinking…borderline Nutz to some probably(OK, most)lol.

I am such a Hippie! My hubby says he never gets tired of me and my off the wall thinking, but he does say that it kind of freaks him out cuz he actually finds himself contemplating the possibilities of some of my random thoughts, lol.

P.S. No psychotropic drugs were used in the generation of these random thoughts

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Little Wyckked Spirituality



I am one of those people who cannot freakin meditate in a traditional manner. I have a ridiculously hard time quieting my mind for any length of time. This use to drive me up a wall. I have literally spent years trying to find the perfect form of meditation for myself to no avail…until I took a mandala making seminar last Summer…and then the clouds parted and the Universe sang a glorious song of It’s About Time Dumb Ass I’ve Been Waiting For You To Find Me…Been Here The Whole Time Ya Schmuck! LOL. I swear Mandala Meditation is the best thing since cheese slices. My mind doesn’t even have a chance to hand me “Monkey Chatter” as it’s called because my head is busy concentrating on performing so many different things at once like color and shape choice and placement and concentrating on the benefits of the colors and shapes to aid in a particular meditation and to bring those benefits into my life and being. By staying in the lines and just having to slow down and take time and have patience is meditative in itself for me. I have created mandalas by asking Deity to choose the shapes and colors that would be most beneficial to me and/or my meditation and thought of nothing more only to have been shown some pretty deep and meaningful things. Its amazing how quickly all needless and unnecessary thoughts just simply dissipate as I go along coloring. I actually get into a trace-like state while I am coloring the mandala…and it isn’t even finished yet to meditate on, lol.

I have had a lot of wonderful insights and enlightenments just in the coloring process alone but some pretty big epiphanies have occurred for me with the actual meditation of the finished mandala. Maybe because by the time I do the actual meditation my mind has already arrived at that quite, trance induced state that it makes it that much easier for me to connect with Deity and the Universe.

I hang it on the wall at eye level about three feet or so from me and light a candle between me and the mandala off to the side where the light is basically shed only on the mandala and myself. Sort of like a scrying atmosphere I guess. Then I just gaze at the mandala and contemplate on my topic(questions or affirmations, etc) and recieve guidance from Deity. It works for me and that’s what it’s all about right? Whatever works best for one’s self is the most beneficial.

I like the fact that I have this physical manifestation of a meditation that I can reflect on later. It makes the meditation that much more meaningful to me, does that make sense? Someday I want to take part in the creation of a group sand mandala and to be able to feel the atmosphere in the room where several people meditate together on the same thing. That would be cool. So, if there is anyone out there like me who can’t get their mind to STFU when it’s time to meditate, you might want to give a little Mandala-tation a try it might just be a cloud parting experience for you as well, lol.