Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheap Ass DIY Compost Bin - Priceless!

Since I love my Mother Earth and all that she provides I have decided to make a new compost bin to honor her and give back to her in a way that doesn‘t include pesticides for a rich and healthy garden. She takes care of us, we need to take care of her. Since I am the queen of cheap and/or free this compost bin is just what I have been looking for and the directions are simple too. Yayyy! I thought because I am all stoked about it you all might like it too, but then again, I am a SLOWLY(lol) aging hippie and a smooth BM and the smoke of my sis-in-laws Scooby Snack in the morning sunlight gets me stoked too! LOL

ANYWAY…before we begin….


The soil that you get from the compost is great for your lawn, excellent for your garden and beneficial to your flower beds.

It is basically free to make which beats paying the price the stores want for it.

You can put food and yard waste into the compost bin instead of sending it to the landfill.

Compost soil is a natural fertilizer and is safe for the environment and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

If you have kids it’s a great way to get them involved with Earth conservation right at home. Trust me, it can become some pretty gross fun for them, lol.


Fruits and veggies

Grass clippings

Shredded newspapers

Egg shells and nut shells


Coffee grounds and filters

Ashes from the fireplace or fire pit


Yard clippings that have been chemically treated

Pet waste

Diseased plants (like leaves from veggie plants that have fungus on them because the disease can spread through the compost)

Meat or fish bones

Cheap Ass DIY Compost Bin - Priceless!

Costs about $20.00 to make. Yah I know!


Large trash can with a lid that locks

A Platform of some sort. A good choice for this is a wooden houseplant stand with wheels

Screws to attach the platform to the trash can

A drill with a large drill bit


1) Take the drill and drill holes along the sides and around the trash can. Also drill holes through the trash can lid and the bottom of the can. About 20 - 25 holes all over is good.

2) Using your drill again, attach the platform to the bottom of the trash can. Try not to cover up the holes on the bottom of the can that you just made but if you have to that’s ok just drill a few more holes after you have attached the platform.

 *The platform helps with drainage and keeps the grass from turning yellow underneath because you can move the can from spot to spot.

3) Collect some or all of the items on the approved list and start composting!

4) Every couple of days or so go out and put the can on it’s side and roll it around for a few minutes.

5) Keep adding items to the can as you use them

6) When you see it become a *dark rich soil-type texture it is then ready for use. Basically when you can’t tell what anything resembles anymore, lol.

*This may take a while to achieve as Mom Nature has her own relaxed way of doing things, but that’s ok because everything she produces is always worth the wait!


Keep the can away from open windows and door in the summer. It can get kinda stinky…PU, lol

Always keep the lid on the can because its heat that generates the decomposition process and really keeps the smell down too!

Using a trash can with a tight fitting/locking lid will help keep animals from trying to get into it.

If you want…Add Worms! Worms help with decomposition and make great compost. Red worms are the best its said but any will do. Mother Nature supplies those for free too, just go outside after a rainstorm and collect the off of the sidewalks and driveways ..a handful to start should be plenty.

If you are going to use worms make sure to give them plenty of really wet newspaper to live in and break down they love that.



  1. OMG I need to show this to the Hubby... LOL
    Love ya

  2. Yeah so easy and cheap, just like me, Bahahaha!

  3. Great post, and as soon as we've got our own garden, I will try this!

    One thing on composting newspapers... although it's technically possible, the last time I checked the printing ink was considered poisonous... I don't know whether they changed the recipe, but it might be reasonable to check this out before adding, some are supposed to contain heavy metals or other complicated chemicals...

  4. Diandra..thanks for the heads up about the newspaper ink. It's something I did not consider. See...with help from one another we really can make our Earthly home greener! Thanx again.

    1. Thanks for the great composter idea. As for weather newspaper is safe this article as well as most of the commenters think its safe.