Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Little Wyckked Spirituality



I am one of those people who cannot freakin meditate in a traditional manner. I have a ridiculously hard time quieting my mind for any length of time. This use to drive me up a wall. I have literally spent years trying to find the perfect form of meditation for myself to no avail…until I took a mandala making seminar last Summer…and then the clouds parted and the Universe sang a glorious song of It’s About Time Dumb Ass I’ve Been Waiting For You To Find Me…Been Here The Whole Time Ya Schmuck! LOL. I swear Mandala Meditation is the best thing since cheese slices. My mind doesn’t even have a chance to hand me “Monkey Chatter” as it’s called because my head is busy concentrating on performing so many different things at once like color and shape choice and placement and concentrating on the benefits of the colors and shapes to aid in a particular meditation and to bring those benefits into my life and being. By staying in the lines and just having to slow down and take time and have patience is meditative in itself for me. I have created mandalas by asking Deity to choose the shapes and colors that would be most beneficial to me and/or my meditation and thought of nothing more only to have been shown some pretty deep and meaningful things. Its amazing how quickly all needless and unnecessary thoughts just simply dissipate as I go along coloring. I actually get into a trace-like state while I am coloring the mandala…and it isn’t even finished yet to meditate on, lol.

I have had a lot of wonderful insights and enlightenments just in the coloring process alone but some pretty big epiphanies have occurred for me with the actual meditation of the finished mandala. Maybe because by the time I do the actual meditation my mind has already arrived at that quite, trance induced state that it makes it that much easier for me to connect with Deity and the Universe.

I hang it on the wall at eye level about three feet or so from me and light a candle between me and the mandala off to the side where the light is basically shed only on the mandala and myself. Sort of like a scrying atmosphere I guess. Then I just gaze at the mandala and contemplate on my topic(questions or affirmations, etc) and recieve guidance from Deity. It works for me and that’s what it’s all about right? Whatever works best for one’s self is the most beneficial.

I like the fact that I have this physical manifestation of a meditation that I can reflect on later. It makes the meditation that much more meaningful to me, does that make sense? Someday I want to take part in the creation of a group sand mandala and to be able to feel the atmosphere in the room where several people meditate together on the same thing. That would be cool. So, if there is anyone out there like me who can’t get their mind to STFU when it’s time to meditate, you might want to give a little Mandala-tation a try it might just be a cloud parting experience for you as well, lol.


  1. Isn't it amazing when we come across something that forever changes our spiritual journey? I have one of those monkey minds as well (my former yoga teacher called it a "drunk monkey mind") and the only way I can get a good meditation on is with guided meditations on my ipod.

    Cheers to spiritual growth and the end of monkey minds!

  2. Eureka! When I was a kid, I used to love those large fuzzy posters you color in with markers. My mother gave them to me to keep me occupied. I guess I feel like you right now...DUH! Why didn't I think of this before? Lol! Where do you get your pretty patterns?

  3. Hrm.. I posted a comment earlier that seems to have disappeared! That has been happening to me a lot lately. ANYWAY, I think this is awesome, I have been wanting to try mandala meditation for awhile now and I think I will after reading your post. Sounds right up my alley. Did you color the mandalas above? they are gorgeous!

  4. @ Dark Mother, This has definately changed my spiritual journey for the good. This is the most kick butt way for me to meditate for sure,lol.

    @ Just A Gal, lol, I loved those fuzzy posters too. I always wondered if they made an Elvis one, that would have been tacky cool in the first degree, haha. As for the blank mandalas, you can find hundreds of them on the internet by typing Free Blank Mandala Coloring Pages in your search field. Thats where I found the ones here.

    @ Gypsy, I hope you enjoy Mandala-tation(lol) as I call it, heehee. Thanks,these are ones that I colored above myself. You can find really nice colored pencils for cheap at WalMart. Thats where I got the ones I used in the pictures. They come in a box of 72 colors for a little over $5.00, the cheapest I have found anywhere.