Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wyckked Thoughts - random - very random

         Bringing out my Inner Hippie…for a minute

I have totally been into celestial happenings, stars, constellations, meteor showers, etc. as of late. I was outside the other night and noticed the heavens were full of stars and as I watched them in awe I saw a falling star and a random thought came into my mind, followed by another one and another one and….

What if each and every one of our souls are housed in our very own single star for all eternity? It could be possible I guess being that the stars are innumerable and the Universe limitless. What if when we leave our physical bodies on this planet .. a star falls? What if, what we equate as a star falling to that of a dying star or burnt out star is actually just repositioning itself in the Universe for that soul which has died to be brightly reborn anew in another location of the Universe for a new and continuing purpose and experience? What if we each have an invisible soul line connecting us from our single star-soul-home directly to our Soul Star Chakra where, when allowed to access it, we become greatly open to enlightenment and spiritual ascension and even to the Universal secrets and mysteries? Wouldn’t that be cool?

What if, when I pick up Charlie Sheen on our way to the funny farm we stop and get Lindsay Lohan so she can do a little “shopping” before she has to go to court…again? LOL.

WOW! The shit that comes out of my head amazes even me sometimes, lol. Now that’s some pretty random thinking…borderline Nutz to some probably(OK, most)lol.

I am such a Hippie! My hubby says he never gets tired of me and my off the wall thinking, but he does say that it kind of freaks him out cuz he actually finds himself contemplating the possibilities of some of my random thoughts, lol.

P.S. No psychotropic drugs were used in the generation of these random thoughts


  1. You totally just blew my mind. For realz.

  2. Love the disclaimer! You sound like my husband and I. We have been watching marathons of the show Ancient Aliens. Any particular evening may have us discussing our possible alien heritage or when they may return. Maybe the stars falling have something to do with that and our mind/body/soul connection....hhhmmmm...I want to believe. :)

  3. @ Dark Mother - Hopefully in a good kinda way, lol. Sometimes I blow my own f*ckin mind. It's been said that I am nuttier than a squirrel turd in a peanut factory, heehee.

    @ Just A Gal - Glad you liked the "Disclaimer". As I was typing it I was imagining a voice like an anouncer for prescription drug commercials warning of the dangers of said drug, lol. I believe that there has to be more life out there in the Universe than just us here on Earth. I really want to do a road trip to Area 51 before I croak. That would be cool. I love all shows UFO, paranormal, metaphysical and monster. I want to believe too, lol.