Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Magic Carpet is Out of the Shop and Boy Can This Baby Fly!

Man, my magic carpet has now been turbo charged and flying me on a whirling, twirling ride of new endeavors, crafting and yet more spiritual path/soul searching enlightenment interests. During my wyckkedly unexpected hiatus it seems as though I have been moving non-stop on a day to day basis. It’s about freakin’ time too. I absolutely detest getting stuck in a I-Am-So-Fucking-Bored rut, so this is definitely welcomed change.

On the most recent stop which my magic carpet - Hodji - I will call him( after a character on a favorite cartoon I liked as a kid - Johnny Quest - now you all know I am ancient, lol) took me was to a women’s expo at a near by city to see my good friend Inis who was set up there doing her spiritual readings for the ladies. I have never been to a women’s expo before and it was a big event, a lot bigger than I expected and a lot more fun than I expected. I amazingly found myself asking people who were representing various organizations what they were about and how to get involved! Now this is so out of character for me because I was brought up in a family where the kids were always told that “children were meant to be seen and not heard” so I quickly became a shy wallflower who didn’t speak unless spoken to and that carried over into my young adult life socially until I became a Momma Bear and most of that way of thinking changed, mostly, I usually am still pretty shy in social settings but for whatever reason at the Expo I wasn’t and My Good Goddess did that feel empowering! I must say I am quite impressed with me, lol, go Girl Powah!

Anyway, I have to give Inis her due here, for if it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t even have gone in the first place. I have to say I am sooo proud of her. Seeing her perform her spiritual readings I can see that she is really in her element. This is her home or calling, so to speak. I wanted to take a pictures of her doing her thing but wasn’t sure if I should. That girl’s upper chakra’s were working overtime for sure cuz she was non-stop busy with clients! All I can say is Rock On Inis, Rock On.
Hodji also flew me to the wyckked Land of Crafting, a beautiful place of enchantment that I can so easily get lost in and usually do when I visit, lol. Crafting for me is like opening a big yummy bag of Creativity Chips, nobody can make just one, lol at least I can’t I just keep crafting and crafting and…. Right now my house is one big craft room it seems. Inis fell instantly in love with some of it and took a bunch off my hands for her business, thanks chickie! But that hasn’t stopped the craft monster in me it has only fueled the fire I think, lol. Here is a few pictures of some of my goodies:

My trusty turbo-charged Hodji has also been carrying me along the steep and far reaching Spiritual Highway of Enlightenment and down the long and winding Soul Searching Rd.

The Highway of Spiritual Enlightenment for me has many branches off of it and has been diversely and culturally fickle along my journey, flitting like a spiritually hungry butterfly from one belief system to another and I have resigned to the glorious fact that it always will be that way for me and thank the Gods and Goddesses for that because I have found and continue to find so much respect and beneficial information from these diverse belief systems that I find myself continuing to incorporate them into my daily pagan practices which have and are definitely molding my life into a constantly rewarding and increasingly better experience as I go along.

Traveling down Soul Searching Road is a little different for me, more like driving down a dirt road, lol, because it takes a lot longer to move down this road and I find that metaphoric Hodji’s metaphoric wheels tend to spin in place in certain areas making me just want to turn back around and forget about the trip altogether. But that is the worst thing I know that I could possibly do so I just have to push myself off Hodji and throw some good quality kitty litter made by the PERSEVERANCE Co. under the tires and spin out of the ruts that have been created and continue on. Will I reach my destination while traveling Soul Searching Road? Who knows? But I do know that every time I go down this particular road it’s gonna get better and better cuz I’m gonna pave that sucker with healing and sail smoothly down it non-stop, some day, soon.


  1. Those candle holders are GORGEOUS!!! And so are the necklaces. Speaking of necklaces, I need to commission a piece from you for mine and the Man's anniversary.

    Do you think you could do one of those spoon one's with either a red fox or a pheonix? Let me know. I'll pay ya!

  2. Inis claimed all of the votive holders and a big bunch of necklaces which I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of, lol. As for a spoon necklace consider it an anniversary gift plus I still owe you one from when we were at Convocation 2010 so I will send you 2 of your choice. When is your anniversary? It takes about a week to make them.

  3. Our anniversary in is July, so there's plenty of time! I got a spoon one at Con last year for me. It's one of my favorites!

  4. Oh great that gives me time to make them super special, lol. Oh yeah, thats right you did get a necklace. I meant to give you one for your Mom that you liked. Don't be surprised if a box shows up at your door with an entire silverware set, bahhahahha, oh I slay me with my humor, but seriously...

  5. And that stuff sold too. I am glad I stopped in and got some... Thanks a bunch I know i dont have the crafters gift.. LOL
    Love ya

  6. Your crafts are AWESOME!!! Oh, to have crafty talent like that. Go, girl!

  7. @Just A Gal - Everyone has crafty talent. Maybe you just need to channel your inner crafter,lol.

  8. @ Inis - You have an inner crafter too, you just don't have any freakin time, lol.

  9. Your humor kills me too. Every time you update your status on facebook, my phone goes off. I have it set up to text me so I never miss a laugh. LOL no pressure.