Sunday, February 20, 2011


Careful HOW You Wish For, Not WHAT

Well, I went to the casino the a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday and let me tell ya we had some great fun! So knowing that we were going ahead of time I did spell work for a few days before for good luck and big money. I was so intent and methodical for three days before the event, sure I had all my bases covered with summoning the appropriate Deities, correspondences, timing, etc. etc. etc. On the drive, all the way there I was so confident that good fortune was coming away. We started playing the slot machines and I was so excited I could just pee, lol. Well just as quickly as I started playing, I started losing…and losing, but my sister-in-law won over $400.00 and pretty much everyone else that went won a little something too, but not me. Needless to say I was really bummed out for myself but really happy for her…truly(she said she was going to buy a swing set for her grandkids, awesome!). So on the drive home I kept going over and over in my mind what could have gone wrong. I thought I did everything needed for a positive outcome. Then it dawned on me…my wording of the spell itself! Instead of being precise about asking for abundance on that particular night at that particular casino on a particular machine or by a particular time or whatever, all I asked for was good luck and fortune to come my way in the future. Pretty vague in asking assistance of the Universe and the Gods and Goddesses of Fortune huh? Well my spell of abundance WAS acknowledged by the Universe and the Gods and Goddesses of Fortune! Just not the way I was thought it was going to happen. February is always a hard month for us with insurances all coming due at the same time and in the days that followed the casino event I noticed that as I went along paying my bills at their appropriate times and I asked the person on the other end of the phone for the balance owed on each bill that four of them were all lower than I expected or what was stated on the invoice. The energy bill was $243.00 less than what was stated - owing only $78.00 for the month! Wow in Michigan, in the winter? This is unheard of, but I am not arguing at all. The other big one was the cell phone bill which was $110.00 less than normal. Once again, Not complaining, just a whole lot of thanks to the powers that be and their generosity! I can’t say it was because I paid the bills ahead of time…ha, yeah right, I am the queen of robbing Peter to pay Paul where the bills are concerned just to stay afloat so I know I didn’t fall and bump my head and do something as stupid as pay the bills ahead of time, no-sir-ee-bob. So the next time you do spell work and wonder why nothing happened, maybe it really did work for you regardless in other ways, just not the way you asked…or didn’t ask, lol.


  1. I've had the lower bill thing happen to me, too! Maybe Lady Luck wasn't with you at the casino but Mama Prosperity took care of your bills. Awesome!

  2. LOL I KNOW what you are going through! I asked my daughter to do a spell for me.... and she wasn't EXACT enough.... I got what I wanted, except it was a CAT NOT A MAN!!! Oh well, live and learn. LOL

  3. Hey Judith, lol, look at it this way - A cat doesn't require much from a relationship, just some food in the bowl, a windowsill and a fresh litter box. A man however....LOL

  4. Well at leased you got a little something... lol
    Miss you we need to get together soon!