Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spellrific - step by step how to’s

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a little more money and good prosperity in their lives. I know I want as much as I can get my greedy little meat-hooks into, lol. Mostly out of necessity of course. So I did this very simple money drawing spell without a specific need or time, etc. Just for bringing abundance and prosperity into my life in a general sense. Sometimes even the most modest of spell work can be very productive if given a chance.


Gather the following items:

A green candle
A Candle holder
A Dollar Bill
Various coins
Herbs/Gems/Trinkets corresponding to money, and prosperity(your choice)

Place the dollar bill on a flat surface.

On top of that place the candle holder. 
In the candle holder place the green candle(I anointed mine with peppermint oil but it is totally up to you how you control the spell, I‘m just an annointer, lol).

Surround the candle with various money drawing objects(herb, gems, trinkets) of your choice.

Light the candle(Never leave a candle unattended) while envisioning money and prosperity coming to you for your needs.

Place a coin or two or a few at the foot of the candle holder and say:

“Money Money Come To Me
This Is Where You Need To Be.
Money Money Come My Way
This is where You Need To Stay!”

After a few minutes or when you are ready extinguish the candle.

Everyday for the next month place a coin or two or a few at the foot of the candle and repeat the rhyme while thinking of money coming to you. At the end of 30 days or so take all the change and put it towards something beneficial for the Earth and/or Universe. I decided that I am going to use my change to buy money drawing herb seeds for to plant in my little garden that way I can keep the prosperity growing in my life, lol.

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