Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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The Pet Dog

We love him. He’s a good boy. He’s always there for us, through anything. He’s never judgmental and always loyal. We play fetch with him and he loves it. He could play for hours it seems. He brings us his favorite one and we take it and ask him in an overly exuberant voice if he wants to go get it and he, being a loving and loyal buddy picks his ears up and wiggles frantically. What if after all this time we got his intentions wrong … What if he was not bringing us his favorite toy for us to throw it for him? What if what he has really been doing all this time is bringing us a gift and we just throw it away…every time. Picture this, He is thinking “ I love my master, I will do the greatest honor and take her my favorite toy.” What a great gesture on his part. What a good boy. And what do we do? We take this wonderful offering of love…and THROW it as far as humanly possible. What if when we ask him if he wants to go get it and he is all wiggly and stuff he is really stressing out over it thinking “ NO,NO, DON’T. That’s for you, that’s for you, Keep it.” What if after we have thrown the toy and he chases after it, he is saying to himself “ You dumb ass, that is my special toy that I have bestowed upon you out of love and I am going to keep giving it back to you till YOU GET IT! Dumb Human!” Just a thought

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