Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wyckked Garden - I wanna run thru it



GENDER : Masculine.

PLANET : Jupiter.
ZODIAC: Cancer
POWERS : Hex-breaking, Protection, Sleep.

 Use in all protection sachets and spells, also to remove negative energies and spirits. Agrimony has also long been used to reverse spells sent against the magician ; example: it not only breaks hexes that have already been made, it also sends them back to the one doing the hexing. If you use it with the herb rue you can send the evil eye way on back to it’s sender even if the eye is already doing it’s thing. If you notice that you are taking on other people’s negativity, meditate with agrimony for a while to ease that dragged down feeling. If someone is trying to cause trouble in the area of love in your life be it with a spell, slander, lies or whatever, add agrimony with slippery elm bark to break all negativity. It can also help you balance your emotions in stressful situations. I have had to remove a few hexes in my day, believe-me-you, and I can tell you that it works great for me and it is one herb I will never be without again no-sir-e-bub, nu-uh, not this witchypoo.

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