Sunday, February 13, 2011


Aawwwe, now he done went and did it! I can’t believe he went there. You would think after all the years he would learn….You don’t poke a bear with a stick. Especially a FEIRCE MAMMA BEAR! You don’t talk crap about a mother’s child, even if said child is your’s too, dummy! I don’t care how old your children are they are still you kids. Don’t mess with them or there will be a very angry momma bear coming to her little cubs defense(can I get a Hell-Yeah from all the other mamma bears out there?). All-be-it my little cubs are in their 20’s, IT DOESN’T MATTER! Will my husband ever learn this? I seriously doubt it. Even though he is their father, I have pretty much raised them on my own anyhow. He is of the old school belief that “ok, I made a child by releasing my joy juice now you do the rest”. Does he have any idea the kind of crazed, protective, wild beast he has turned me into? I think not! I soooo want to throw a whammy his way, but, I can’t, he’s still my husband and I love him. I really, really want to though. Ha ha ha, that’s cute hunny, even as I type this he is sending me cute little picture texts. Whatever…not responding(he hates that,hehe)….feel my wrath a little longer, till I feel better. You know, we don’t fight very often, really. But when we do its mostly about the kids. I feel if he would have stepped up to the parental plate a few times and pitched in with a little fathering it might be different and his views on our kids might be more readily excepted by me. Its not easy being both mamma bear and daddy bear. Well, now that I have vented a little I need to find a positive and constructive way to release my anger….on to do some wyckked magic….