Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spellrific - step by step how to’s

What Would Durga Do?
Mamma Bear needs to love and forgive her husband for pissing me off where our kids are concerned. So I am asking Durga, the Hindu Goddess of motherhood and ferocity for her help in this matter. I believe that even though I am not dedicated to any one pantheon or another that I can love and respect all cultures’ Goddesses and Gods and that they each have the power and will to love and guide me as well, regardless. Durga is a fierce, protective mother Goddess so I believe she is one of the perfect deities to ask for guidance in the situation. I see her reflected in me, so, yeah.


Gather these items:

A jar with a lid big enough to fit a popsicle stick

Popsicle stick

Pen or sharpie

A small bowl of lavender(for help with marital problems and relationships and easing problems between parents and children)

Rose quartz(for love and forgiveness)

Red cloth (for love and strengthening bonds) for under work area

A vessel of water


Write the name of the one who offended you on one side of the popsicle stick, and yours on the other side.

Fill the jar half full with sugar and place the stick in the sugar.

Sprinkle some lavender in the jar.

Place the rose quartz in the jar.


“In this sugar we both now stand,
back to back, yet hand to hand,
Change (name)‘s sour thoughts of me,
to sweet forgiving thoughts, I plead.”

Add water until ¾ full....while adding say:

“I wash away what keeps us at bay
Now let forgiveness come my way”

Cap the jar tightly and shake *6 times, saying:

“Bring (name) thoughts of me so sweet,
That forgiveness is now complete”

Each day for the next *6 days give the jar *6 shakes while saying the last chant.
(*The number Six represents kindness, love, friendship and affection, understanding and forgiveness - and we all need that right here and now in this family…damn it, lol)
I placed the red cloth down first and sprinkled about some lavender on it. I did this when I created Sacred Space beforehand. I should mention that when I practice magic I always create Sacred Space by lighting a candle and using a smudge stick or incense and consecrating the room myself and my items to be used and invite the spirits to join me. I don’t do a ritual every time I do spell work, I usually do rituals on the Sabbats and Esbats and if it requires dire need. Other than that Creating Sacred Space before spellworking works just fine for little ‘ol me. It’s just how I doo’s it, lol! And that’s what its all about right? Finding whatever works best for you.

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