Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spellrific - step by step how to’s


So guys, are you getting tired of the whole balance thing yet? Well I certainly hope not because I created and performed a spell for bringing balance into my life. Especially emotional balance so I can fight the never ending battle within of good versus wicked within myself. I haven’t given this spell a name, I usually don’t because nobody ever sees them except little ‘ol me and I definitely know why I am doing it or I wouldn’t be doing it in the first place, right? Sooo I don’t usually name them at all, but for the sake of possibly somebody reading this I guess I should give it a name. What do ya think? Let’s give it a snappy name, something cute(like me). How about Balance Baby Balance?

Sounds good and so it is:

Balance Baby Balance
I thought what would be a good representation of balance and the Yin Yang came to mind immediately. The perfect balance of dark and light, of masculine and feminine, etc. You don’t get much better than that. From here on out I am going to put this into a form of instruction in case anyone would like to try it, it’s cool by me, lol.

First find a Yin Yang picture that you like and print out two big ones.

Next cut them out and place them on the floor where you will be doing this about shoulder width apart( I really gotta get new flooring soon).

Now step on the yin yangs making sure your feet pretty well cover them.

Hold your arms out from your sides, you know kind of like if you are balancing on a beam or something.

Now visualize the power of the yin yang and the power of balance coming into your being. Feel the power of balance coming up through your feet and legs from each yin yang. Imagine it settling in the center of your body and residing with you now and staying with you as long as you need it to.
Then you can chant if you like.

This is the chant that I used:

“Left, right, up and down
Balance lives all around.
Now you are a part of me,
To my life bring symmetry.”
So Mote It Be

You can use this one if you like or change the words or what-have-you, its all kosher, lol. I gotta tell you I could really feel the power from this one. My feet and legs really became tingly while doing this spell. Can you FEEL THE POWER, Can I get and AMEN, Halleluyer. Sorry, I was channeling my inner Madea(I just love her, him, you know what I mean). I really do feel more balanced since performing this. I think maybe I will work on control next. Goddess knows I could use a good dose of that too.

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