Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini Personal Travel Altars

Well I have been at it again. Crafting that is. My latest creations have been these little palm size altars. I thought
wouldn't it be cool to have an altar that you can take anywhere and it could be small enough to slip into a purse or pocket or what have you?

I made them with the thought of having a spot just big enough to fit a tea light candle.  I also made a small receptical for herbs, gemstones, small charms, etc. There is also a couple of spots to add stick incense. I am thinking I will have to make a shit-ton of them for Inis @ Mad Madam for her business. Of course they will have to be all Goddesses, Fairies, Zodiac signs and such and she could call them "Spiritual Awareness Stations" or something like that since not everyone at her shows understand or embrace our spiritual beliefs, lol, and that's totally cool.

When I make my witchy crafts I get in a relaxed zen-like mode and find myself thanking the "Craft Gods of Creativity" for giving me some pretty wacky ideas, lol.

My hubby says I have too much time on my hands yet I have been finding him putting different ones in different rooms around the house to burn incenses in. I have him trained to light incense wherever he goes... that mans got more gas than a Marathon Petroleum Refinery I swear, but thats a whole different post, lol. Well I am off to contemplate my next creative craft endeavor...
Peace Out!


  1. Wow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you get crafty. These are amazing as always! That is the neatest idea I've ever seen! I want one!! LOL

  2. They are beautiful! I've been wanting to make my own travel altar box for ages... well, can't do everything at once, right?

    (I think I'll go with the container variation, to hold everything I might need with the altar. My purse contains a black hole, I swear...)

  3. These are so cool! And beautiful! I can't wait to get my hands on one.

  4. @ Gumbo Soul - Thanx, when I ship out your package with the necklaces you just might get an extra surprize, lol. If I keep going I will have to ship it out by frieght, heehee.

    @ Diandra - Thank you, an "everything" container is a good idea too and I have one of those purses with a black hole too, lol.