Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wyckkedly Sexy - sexiest men ever


He starred as Pupi Kakas in the movie My Life In Ruins, which just happens to be one of my all time chick flicks. Admittedly, I am not much of a chick flick kinda girl but I have a few favs. All I know is if the men in Greece are all as hot as this man I am sooo going to move there!

I just wanna run my little fingers through that gorgeous man's long windblown locks!

What an adorable yummy shish kabob he is, So Tasty!

He is such a sultry greek god in this picture, oooh yeah

Oh Man, I want to be his towel. I would wrap myself around him alright! Heehee


  1. I feel this way about the guy that plays Eric on true Blood!!! LOL I will have to post a blog about him! I will post about this blog on mine.

  2. Check out Eric on a previous post of mine, he's so freakin hot!